Claire McGregor
26 Post Seen online 4 months ago

Claire McGregor

26 Post Seen online 4 months ago

Best Practices for Replying to Google Play Reviews

Back in 2013 Google made it possible for app developers to reply to Google Play reviews. There were mixed reactions at the ti

New ebook: Priced Right – The App Pricing Playbook

App pricing is hard. The app stores are increasingly crowded marketplaces, and competition for downloads will only increase.

New Versions reports in Appbot

Comparing the performance of your current version to previous versions is a great way to track how app users feel about the c

New ebook: How I got 2.3 million app downloads

The story of our CEO, Stuart Hall's, App Store Experiment is pretty incredible. An app built in one night went on to get over

How to Price Your App. To Free or not to Free?

I’ve found time and time again that one of the decisions about launching a new product that confounds me the most is pricin

App Pricing in India – Part 4, In-App Purchases

Over the past few weeks I've been getting to know the Indian App Store. I've learnt a bunch of stuff about what pricing model

Video: The new Appbot & Advanced Integrations

We've just launched a whole new Appbot, with some huge improvements to our interface.Highlights include:New navigati

App Pricing in India – Part 3, Top Grossing Charts

Over the past three posts I've been exploring what it takes to succeed in the Indian App Store. We've discovered that the Top

App Pricing in India – Part 2, Paid App Pricing

In an earlier post I wrote about how some of the worlds biggest apps are succeeding in the Indian market, with India ranking

App Pricing in India – Part 1, Paid Charts

Pricing a product is hard at the best of times. Pricing an app is debatably even harder, with so many similarly priced apps c

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