Stuart Hall
44 Post Seen online 2 months ago

Stuart Hall

44 Post Seen online 2 months ago

Get thousands of eBook downloads by repurposing successful content

Every now and again you write something that knocks it out of the park. The content is compelling, the title attracts eyeball

Monitoring data and user feedback for mobile apps

Apple recently launched an awesome update to their developer page. The section I enjoyed most was Engaging Users with App Upd

5 reasons you should reply to Google Play reviews

Since 2013 Google Play developers have been able to reply to reviews. However, the vast majority of developers choose not to

Why CloudMagic love Appbot for tracking app reviews

One of our great customers Karthik Suroju, from the awesome CloudMagic Email app, recently reached out to let us know how

How product managers create amazing app reports

A major task each month for every product manager is mobile app reporting. What this involves tends to be very similar for e

How we decide what to build next

Feature requests, bug reports, wants, needs, nice to haves but what to build next? As product managers we are overwhelmed by

App Preview Videos: Should you make one?

App Preview videos have been around for a long time on Google Play, while Apple took their time and introduced them with iOS

The most important factor when users search app stores is…

When users search app stores how do they decide if they should download your app? There is so much information out there ab

How my app became irrelevant overnight

Check out how my app became irrelevant overnight by choosing the wrong market.View on Medium.

10 ways to get more & better reviews for your app

There are two questions we get asked A LOT at Appbot. How do I get more app reviews? The volume of reviews and ratings you