Best Practices for Replying to Google Play Reviews

Back in 2013 Google made it possible for app developers to reply to Google Play reviews. There were mixed reactions at the time, and it seems many apps still haven't taken advantage of this new(ish) way to connect with users. We are often asked what the best practices are for replying to Google Play rev Read More

Monitoring data and user feedback for mobile apps

Apple recently launched an awesome update to their developer page. The section I enjoyed most was Engaging Users with App Updates about monitoring data and user feedback.Apple is often criticized for not supporting indie developers. But, I believe the advice and examples they have shared are exactly Read More

Appbot Product Demo Video

View the original video on YouTube here. Read More

Finding reviews that really matter amongst thousands that don’t

Here at Appbot we exist for one reason: we want apps, everywhere, to be better. More useful, more central to the lives of their users, more beautiful, more profitable... the list goes on. As app developers we have experienced, first-hand, the difficulty of obtaining, grouping and prioritizing user feedb Read More

Feeling the love: Sentiment in the Top 10 Free vs Paid Apps

It's no small feat to get your app into Apple's top 10 in the USA - Free or Paid. We spend our days at Appbot helping our customers improve the "loveableness" of their apps, and we get asked "how much love is enough?" pretty regularly.We decided to try to quantify the amount of love your app needs to Read More

Find feature requests and bugs in app store reviews, automagically.

Pushing a new update is often pretty nerve-wracking stuff. Do users care if you remove that feature that is the least-used in your navigation? Will they like the new thing (which your company thinks is awesome) that you've replaced it with?Anyone who has been in the app game a little while will have Read More

15 Must-read blogs for mobile product managers

You've seen similar lists before... or have you?We wrote this guide to share some of the more epic resources we use here at Appbot, many of which are hard to come by but so useful you'll wonder how you survived without them. Bear in mind that Appbot users span a variety of industries, so you'll Read More

Review monitoring for Superheroes

 Wanna be your users' superhero? Yep, we do too. Everyone involved in the process of developing an app wants their users to love what they've built - at least enough to tell their friends about it. Working out what your users love and hate can be tricky, though...The first challenge is g Read More

Post your mobile app reviews to Trello, Zendesk & Slack

Do you often hear "it would have been really great if you'd shared [those reviews you're referring to in a meeting] with me"?Managing reviews at scale comes with some challenges: how do you get the right reviews to the right people?Some of our customers have thrown manpower at this problem and h Read More

You’re building something awesome… right?

Lately I’ve been struck by how often I read “obviously it’s important to build something awesome” in content about marketing and growing your app revenue.Whether it’s on Quora, the 101 blogs the Appbot team and I follow, Growth Hackers, Medium the message is the same.  Almost invariably Read More

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