5 reasons you should reply to Google Play reviews

Since 2013 Google Play developers have been able to reply to reviews. However, the vast majority of developers choose not to reply to Google Play reviews.Here are 5 reasons you should starting replying to Google Play reviews today. 1. You can make unhappy users happy Frustrated users are leaving b Read More

How product managers create amazing app reports

A major task each month for every product manager is mobile app reporting. What this involves tends to be very similar for every app. We get to talk to a lot of different product managers at Appbot and get great insights into their reporting requirements. Mobile app reporting requires a number of diff Read More

How we decide what to build next

Feature requests, bug reports, wants, needs, nice to haves but what to build next? As product managers we are overwhelmed by all these on a daily basis.At Appbot we spend a lot of time listening to and watching our customers (not in a creepy way ?). Customer feedback is by far the best source of idea Read More

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