Why CloudMagic love Appbot for tracking app reviews

Stuart Hall
by Stuart Hall
March 29, 2016

One of our great customers Karthik Suroju, from the awesome CloudMagic Email app, recently reached out to let us know how they are using Appbot for tracking app reviews.

Karthik was kind enough to share what CloudMagic loved most about Appbot.

Reviews from Multiple Sources

“CloudMagic is available from three different app stores – Android, iOS, and Mac OS X. Despite our commitment to carefully monitoring each user’s input, it can be difficult to keep up with all the comments.” Appbot also supports the Windows and Amazon app stores, to make tracking app reviews across all your platforms easy.


“Automatic translations of reviews in foreign languages make things easier for our team to understand.”


“Every week, Appbot sends a roundup that shows a summary of review numbers, and a particularly helpful service allows you to quickly reply to Google Play reviews. What’s more, a useful feature allows you to look up a user on Google right from the daily email itself.”

Sentiment Dashboard

“The Sentiment Dashboard is a fast way to see your app’s performance in one quick glance. We are pleased to point out that CloudMagic has earned Appbot’s “A” rating”

Screenshot 2016-03-24 12.03.16

Word Cloud

“A feature that you don’t think you need until you start using it – and then you realize you can’t live without it. It shows the words that are most commonly used in your app reviews, giving you insight into trending topics.”


Sentiment Map

“The Sentiment Map will boost your self-esteem whenever you start feeling down. You can see how user ratings stack up geographically on one screen.”



“App store reviews offer a wealth of helpful feedback for upgrading features, correcting bugs, and improving the overall user experience. However, tracking and analyzing reviews across platforms can be complex. Developers with advanced tracking and analysis tools are able to stay a step ahead of the competition.”

Thanks to Karthik for sharing!

We think you’ll love Appbot as much as CloudMagic does. Try it out for free right now.

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