New Versions reports in Appbot

Comparing the performance of your current version to previous versions is a great way to track how app users feel about the changes you're making.We've just released a new dashboard in Appbot to make it quick and easy to see how users feel about each version of your app. You'll find the new Versions Read More

How my app became irrelevant overnight

Check out how my app became irrelevant overnight by choosing the wrong market.View on Medium.Read More

10 ways to get more & better reviews for your app

There are two questions we get asked A LOT at Appbot. How do I get more app reviews? The volume of reviews and ratings you receive has the biggest impact (apart from downloads) on your rankings in the top charts and search results. Therefore finding ways to get more app reviews is extremely important f Read More

New ebook: How I got 2.3 million app downloads

The story of our CEO, Stuart Hall's, App Store Experiment is pretty incredible. An app built in one night went on to get over 2.3 million downloads, generate a full-time salary, become the #1 fitness app in several countries and was ultimately sold to Wahoo Fitness.We've had so much great feedback ab Read More

97% of Google Play app reviews go unanswered

Back in 2012 Google introduced the ability to reply to app reviews. Some have embraced this functionality, while many have completely ignored it.We dug into a random selection of 3.5 million app reviews in the last month and looked at the reply rates.Rating Replies ★ ★ ★ ★ Read More

How to Price Your App. To Free or not to Free?

I’ve found time and time again that one of the decisions about launching a new product that confounds me the most is pricing. Getting it right can make or break the success of your app, so where do you begin?After going through this process dozens of times I've discovered two golden rules for launc Read More

Localizing App Store pages: which languages?

Localizing app store pages can open up opportunities in many countries where English is not the first language. But how many of the top apps do this? And which languages do they support? US Top Charts Firstly I looked at the top 200 free and top 200 paid iPhone apps in the US. There’s a large range Read More

Tips for naming your mobile app or game

Your app or game name is one of the most difficult, but also most important, decisions you will make.Back in the middle of 2014 I looked into what made a successful App Store name. 18 months is a long time on the App Store so I thought it was time to follow up, see what's changed and have a more in-d Read More

App Pricing in India – Part 4, In-App Purchases

Over the past few weeks I've been getting to know the Indian App Store. I've learnt a bunch of stuff about what pricing models work in India:There is a greater spectrum of categories that succeed as paid apps in India compared with the US. Business, productivity and utility apps can do well as paid. Read More

Video: The new Appbot & Advanced Integrations

We've just launched a whole new Appbot, with some huge improvements to our interface.Highlights include:New navigation menus to make it easier to find what you're looking for. When you select an app it now persists as you move through different sections of the product. Our filters are now mu Read More

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