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All Systems Operational.

Current Issues

  • none


  • Feb 15 2017 – Apple reviews are not being made available in iTunes or the feeds.
  • Feb 12 2017 – Some Amazon apps and products aren’t fetching reviews.
  • Jan 27 2017 – Apple review fetching delayed for some apps.
  • Nov 08 2016 – Windows reviews are currently not fetching, we are investigating.
  • Aug 25 2016 – iTunes is not sending reviews since the 24th, we are actively monitoring.
  • Aug 16 2016 – iTunes is currently returning errors. We are actively monitoring.
  • Mar 09 2016 – Some customers are reporting errors with Slack. We are working with Slack on a solution.
  • Feb 13 2016 – Google Play reviews are delayed. We are investigating.
  • Feb 07 2016 – New iOS reviews are not currently coming through in our data feed. We are investigating.
  • Nov 30 2015 – iOS versions are not currently available. We are investigating.

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